Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Simply Green Video & About me

Finals week is here! AHHhhhHhHhh.. 3 down, 1 more to go! Thursday is my last day of finals and I can't wait for it to be over! I have no school tomorrow, so here I am blogging when I SHOULD be studying for my statistics finals. That's okay. I know I'll do fine because statistics isn't that hard to me. So Friday, as some of you already know, I'm celebrating my 21st birthday at the Hot Import Nights Pre-party here in Miami! So if you're from Miami, come celebrate with me! =) Then Saturday, I'm off to Vegas until December 19th! Friday's celebration are for my local people here that can't all make it to Vegas with me! So now you know why I'm extra anxious for finals to be over, over, OVER dammit! =)

Again, I want to thank everyone whose been reading and leaving me those lovely comments. Thank you for all the 'pick me up' comments and support. So I decided that I'd share with you all what I was or am still going through. At first I wasn't so sure I wanted to share this with the whole world wide web, but I think it's okay. It's apart of me and who I am. And maybe by me sharing with yall, it will help someone out there in some sort of way. Maybe it'll make you vaule life that much more. Long story short, I was born with a disease called E-Thalassemia. Because of it, I must get blood transfusions once a month. And because of the blood transfusions, my body accumulates a lot of iron that my body cannot dispose of own its own. Therefore, if not removed, will stick to my organs and eventually stop them from working. Before the oral medication called Exjade came out, I use to have to do chelations every night to get rid of the iron. This is where I'd stick myself with a needle at night while the medication is distributed to me with a pump overnight until morning. But now they have Exjade and I no longer have to stick myself. Which is great! But the Exjade makes me nauseous and that's why I don't like to take it. I know I sound very ignorant and foolish (which I was) but I didn't think much of not taking Exjade. I figured so long as I get my blood transfusions and take the Exjade every now and then, I'm okay. But of course not. And lately, I've been feeling the affects of not taking my medication. And this led me to do a little research about E-Thalassemia and iron overload.. which led me to discover something that hit me really, really hard last week. Most people with E-Thalassemia only make it to their 4th or 5th decade in life. =( I know 40 or 50 years old seems old, but if you think about it, not really. My mother and father is older than that. So I didn't know how to take it. It felts like someone just told me I was dying tomorrow. I know that sounds a little much, but you don't know how it feels until it's you. So I told my sister and I know she was sad because obviously she didn't know either. But she asked my parents and of course they knew, but kept it from me. I'm not mad at them, I can understand why they hid it from me. So since my mom knows I know, she told me I should just drop out of school and live life. I got a little upset that she suggested that because I want to accomplish a lot of things in life and school happens to one of them. Anyway, to make this long post short, I was really sad and cried for about two straight days. Which helped because now I can talk about it without shedding a single tear. =) It's still sad to me, life's unfair, but I'm just making the best of it. 40 or 50 is really old right? =P There's still a lot of thing I can do with all the time I have left. Like this BLOG and you ladies for example! hehe Oh, I'm officially making my 21st birthday the most important birthday of all time because it marks the half point of my life. LoL. December 18th, mark your calandars ladies. hehe jk

Okay, so onto the video. I finally got around to editing and uploading the video for yall. I hope you like it. I think this look is very, very simple to do. It really defines the eye and help people like me who have small eyes appear larger.

**the video is still processing, so give it a while before it starts working

If I don't update again before Vegas, I'll talk to yall when I get back! xoxo

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Simply Green

Hello everyone. Quick update. I made another eye shadow video today while I was getting ready to leave the house for lunch. I will have it up for yall as soon as I have time to edit and upload it. Right now I REALLY must study for that trig finals on Monday! I just wanna say thank you to everyone whose been reading and commenting my blog. Yall are too sweet. I've been having a tough week and reading your comments bring a smile to my face. I'm dealing with something very, very difficult at this point in my life and if I have the courage, I'll explain to yall what it is. I'm not sure if I want something like this to be exposed to the whole world. I don't want everyone to pity me if you know what I mean. =/ So anyway I just wanted to share some picture with yall of the look I did in the video so that you guys know what to look forward to. I call it "Simply Green." =) It's very subtle and simple to do! So check back and hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow I'll have it up and running. Hope everyone's have a great weekend!

Here's a closer look (click to enlarge):

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Golds & Blue Video Tutorial

I decided to make a video for yall before I started studying for finals today. I used some gold & blue colors.. although it came out looking more green than blue. But If I may say so myself, I think it still turned out pretty nice. I hope you guys enjoy the video. It was my first time doing a live "eyeshadow" tutorial.. I must say, it's harder than most of the ladies who do it makes it seem. So props to those who do it so well! haha I sure as heck had a tough time. But I hope the video's good enough for yall to get the idea. =) Anywho.. ENJOY! I gotta run..

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Hey everyone! Since I'm not feeling too well this week and home doing nothing this weekend, I decided to do a few videos for yall. It's not eyeshadow tutorials like I know most of yall would have hoped for, but these two may somewhat be helpful to yall. Like I mentioned in my previous entry, I made a video on how to conceal dry undereyes. I know I looked horrible in the video.. I had absolutely no make up on and to top it off, I'm not feeling too well. So yeah, please excuse me. haha The second video is a review that JULIE in my previous entry's comment requested me to do on MAC's Sculpting and Shaping Poweders that I purchased in my previous haul. In the beginning of the video I said I didn't think the color of the sculpting powder was right for me, but you'll see that in the end, it is. =) I really do like these powders. I used it again today and I love it. It's quite simple and it's great for everyday use. So anyway, watch the video, tell me what yall think and I really do it helps!

How to conceal dry undereyes:

MAC's Sculpting and Shaping REVIEW:

Btw, I just added that banner you see up there. I actually took picture of those sunflowers myself. It was an arrangement I helped put together for my sister and her boyfriends anniversary. Aren't they pretty? The colors are so vibrant!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Metal X Collection

Hey everyone! So how did everyone's Thanksgiving weekend go? Mine was okay. I went out of town to Orlando to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and his family and friends. You can say my weekend was pretty exhausting. I think the only thing that was really on my mind was this exam I just took this past Monday. The whole time I was just thinking I should be studying instead of slacking off and that's probably what made my weekend so blah! =/ And to top it off, I just wasn't feeling too well the whole weekend, even up till now. =( So anyway.. to sum up a what seemed to be the longest weekend! My cousin and I headed up to Orlando on Wednesday night and got to Orlando at 3 am. Had Thanksgiving dinner with my family and friends, then I passed out. Went shopping Friday and of course got M.A.C's metal-x collection along with some clothes! Saturday I went to a Vietnamese concert and saw Cat Tien, Nhu Loan, and Don Ho. Sunday, I did nothing all day and got back into town at about 3 am again. haha Sounds exhausting huh? Why leave so late you ask? It wasn't up to me.. my cousin drove. So I ended up spending the night at my cousins and he drove me home the next morning. I studied for a little bit, got ready and left for school and took the exam. Hopefully I did well. So yeah, I was so drained from this past weekend. I basically slept when I could these past 3 days. I feel much better today. =)

So enough with my rambling... on to the fun part!

I purchased 7 of the 9 cream eyeshadows from the metal-x collection. I ended up passing on the pink and purple shades because at the store when I was testing them out on my hand, the color didn't come on too well. Maybe it was just the testers, but even the color didn't tempt me much. I've yet to use the cream eyeshadows, but hopefully they work well. I've seen Stephie use it and it looks gorgeous on her! Lately I've been pretty plain Jane when it comes to my makeup. But I'll let you all know how I like it once I decide to use it.

Here are the pictures of my Thanksgiving haul:

  • The first row are the shaping and sculpting powders for contouring & highlighting. I don't know why buy lately I've been going mad crazy buying stuff for contouring & highlighting. I guess I'm really trying to master the concept of it! I've yet to do so. =P
  • The second row of course is the new Metal-X Collection
  • And the third and fourth row are just eyeshadows

Now for the swatches of the Metal-X Collection:

If you didn't figure it out, here are the swatches of the Metal-X Collection. The bigger picture is the eyeshadow in the pot and the smaller boxed picture is the eyeshadow on my skin.

Now for some random FOTDs:

Using the Matte2 Collection: I know I look dead here.. told yall I had a long weekend right? haha

Using MI LADY from the Antiquitease Collection: I found that wetting your brush (I used my mixing medium) when applying this eyeshadows makes the color come on much more vibrant.

At the Vietnamese Concert:

The one and only Cat Tien.. I <3
I loved her dress & shoes.. I wonder where you bought it?!

It was her birthday.. so happy birthday to her!

And the beautiful Nhu Loan... who's also very sweet.

I didn't care too much for Don Ho or however you spell his name. hehe.

Oh and look, I reorganized my palettes and added in the new ones I bought! *_^

So I've been reading and getting a lot of question about how to conceal underneath the eye when it's dry.. I too suffer from dryness underneath the eye and it took me quite a while to find a solution, but happy to say, I've found one! I think it'll be much easier for me to show you than to type out how I do it so, I will be making a video on how I conceal my dry under eye! So stay tuned...

Oh and btw, make sure to check out http://www.thefreefree.com/! They aren't quite up and running yet, but be sure to check back every now and then for your urban clothing shopping pleasure!


Thursday, November 15, 2007


Hey ladies.. as most of you already know the "Curiositease" collection and the "Of Beauty" collection came out in stores in the U.S today. Nothing really appealed to me from the Curiositease collection so I only got the eye liner set. I figured since I don't have much of a collection of MAC eyeliners, I'd get this one. I'll write a little review under each picture from what I know of it so far. At first I wanted to get the pigment/glitter collection but I passed on it because honestly, I don't really like to use pigments. I don't work well with pigments. I prefer using regular pressed eyeshadows instead. Not to say I don't ever use pigments, but rarely.

Here's my lil (big) haul.. if you know what I mean $! hehe

These eyeliner all have glitter in them so they sparkle! There's not much difference in this liner compared to the others except the color and glitter in them. My favorite one is 'goldenair'! It is such a pretty cream color.. this would go great on the lower lashline to help brighten the eye and make it appear larger.

Thise is a loose powder from the new collection called "Of Beauty" It's a pretty translucent cream/gold with shimmer. It's a beautiful highlighting color.

This is also from the "Of Beauty" collection. It is the 183 brush! I'd rate this a 4.5 star brush. It didn't make it to 5 stars because of it's price. This brush is $40. In a way it's well worth it though. I thought it'd just be like any other kabuki-like brush. But this little baby is bad ass. I used it with my studio fix powder and it gave me such smooth airbrush like coverage. I love it! I love it even more than my 187 & 188 brush. With this brush, a little bit of product goes a long way. It's put together a little different than other kabuki brushes. I can't explain it but the bristles are packaged together tighter but still soft. Maybe it's just me, but this brush works really well for me! Love it!

I saw this lipstick on a mua and I liked it. So I tried it, liked, and bought it. The lipliner doesn't go with the lipstick but I liked it, so I got it.

Now for my FOTD:


MAC Fix+
MAC Studio moisture fix lotion
MAC Fast response eye cream
MAC Mineralized skinfinsh natural in 'Medium Dark'
MAC 'New Vegas' - highlighter
MAC 'Other Worldly' - Blush
MAC Select moisture cover in NW25 - concealer


MAC paintpot in 'Otherworldly' - lid to crease base
MAC cream colour base in 'Pearl'- crease to browbone
MAC e/s in 'Haunting' - lids
MAC e/s in 'Brill' - inner crease to middle
MAC e/s in 'Deep Truth'- outer crease & work inwards
MAC fluidline in 'Blacktrack'- upper & lower lashline


MAC l/s in 'Archetype'

Okay. Goodnight all! Until next time.. go grab yourself a 183 brush! =P tee hee...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First post

So I've decided to join my fellow sisters over at ABB & hop onto BLOGSPOT! YAY! hehe I usually blog on my MySpace but I prefer my MySpace to stay private. Therefore, I decided to start blogging on here for my makeup craze and for other makeup fanatics! I love to learn from all you ladies and share as well. So whatever I can do to help you out, please do let me know!

I know I'm really late with these Halloween pictures, but I thought I'd share anyways, so here they are:

If you can't tell, I was a sexy devil. I took this picture in the car on the way to the party. I actually forgot my camera in the car, so I don't have much pictures. My friends have pictures, but I've yet to steal it from them! =P

I went to a friend's wedding this past weekend and I usually don't have fun at weddings and think they're pretty boring, but I actually somewhat had fun at this wedding! There were so many intimate moments of the bride and groom, I almost got teary eyed. hehe Anywho, here are the picture:

All the pictures uploaded on here small.. I tried changing it but it won't budge. Sorry, I guess you'll just have to click on it if you want to view them bigger. Anywho... I hope everyone's week is going well. Thanksgiving is almost here! I can't wait!