Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Simply Green Video & About me

Finals week is here! AHHhhhHhHhh.. 3 down, 1 more to go! Thursday is my last day of finals and I can't wait for it to be over! I have no school tomorrow, so here I am blogging when I SHOULD be studying for my statistics finals. That's okay. I know I'll do fine because statistics isn't that hard to me. So Friday, as some of you already know, I'm celebrating my 21st birthday at the Hot Import Nights Pre-party here in Miami! So if you're from Miami, come celebrate with me! =) Then Saturday, I'm off to Vegas until December 19th! Friday's celebration are for my local people here that can't all make it to Vegas with me! So now you know why I'm extra anxious for finals to be over, over, OVER dammit! =)

Again, I want to thank everyone whose been reading and leaving me those lovely comments. Thank you for all the 'pick me up' comments and support. So I decided that I'd share with you all what I was or am still going through. At first I wasn't so sure I wanted to share this with the whole world wide web, but I think it's okay. It's apart of me and who I am. And maybe by me sharing with yall, it will help someone out there in some sort of way. Maybe it'll make you vaule life that much more. Long story short, I was born with a disease called E-Thalassemia. Because of it, I must get blood transfusions once a month. And because of the blood transfusions, my body accumulates a lot of iron that my body cannot dispose of own its own. Therefore, if not removed, will stick to my organs and eventually stop them from working. Before the oral medication called Exjade came out, I use to have to do chelations every night to get rid of the iron. This is where I'd stick myself with a needle at night while the medication is distributed to me with a pump overnight until morning. But now they have Exjade and I no longer have to stick myself. Which is great! But the Exjade makes me nauseous and that's why I don't like to take it. I know I sound very ignorant and foolish (which I was) but I didn't think much of not taking Exjade. I figured so long as I get my blood transfusions and take the Exjade every now and then, I'm okay. But of course not. And lately, I've been feeling the affects of not taking my medication. And this led me to do a little research about E-Thalassemia and iron overload.. which led me to discover something that hit me really, really hard last week. Most people with E-Thalassemia only make it to their 4th or 5th decade in life. =( I know 40 or 50 years old seems old, but if you think about it, not really. My mother and father is older than that. So I didn't know how to take it. It felts like someone just told me I was dying tomorrow. I know that sounds a little much, but you don't know how it feels until it's you. So I told my sister and I know she was sad because obviously she didn't know either. But she asked my parents and of course they knew, but kept it from me. I'm not mad at them, I can understand why they hid it from me. So since my mom knows I know, she told me I should just drop out of school and live life. I got a little upset that she suggested that because I want to accomplish a lot of things in life and school happens to one of them. Anyway, to make this long post short, I was really sad and cried for about two straight days. Which helped because now I can talk about it without shedding a single tear. =) It's still sad to me, life's unfair, but I'm just making the best of it. 40 or 50 is really old right? =P There's still a lot of thing I can do with all the time I have left. Like this BLOG and you ladies for example! hehe Oh, I'm officially making my 21st birthday the most important birthday of all time because it marks the half point of my life. LoL. December 18th, mark your calandars ladies. hehe jk

Okay, so onto the video. I finally got around to editing and uploading the video for yall. I hope you like it. I think this look is very, very simple to do. It really defines the eye and help people like me who have small eyes appear larger.

**the video is still processing, so give it a while before it starts working

If I don't update again before Vegas, I'll talk to yall when I get back! xoxo

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Simply Green

Hello everyone. Quick update. I made another eye shadow video today while I was getting ready to leave the house for lunch. I will have it up for yall as soon as I have time to edit and upload it. Right now I REALLY must study for that trig finals on Monday! I just wanna say thank you to everyone whose been reading and commenting my blog. Yall are too sweet. I've been having a tough week and reading your comments bring a smile to my face. I'm dealing with something very, very difficult at this point in my life and if I have the courage, I'll explain to yall what it is. I'm not sure if I want something like this to be exposed to the whole world. I don't want everyone to pity me if you know what I mean. =/ So anyway I just wanted to share some picture with yall of the look I did in the video so that you guys know what to look forward to. I call it "Simply Green." =) It's very subtle and simple to do! So check back and hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow I'll have it up and running. Hope everyone's have a great weekend!

Here's a closer look (click to enlarge):

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Golds & Blue Video Tutorial

I decided to make a video for yall before I started studying for finals today. I used some gold & blue colors.. although it came out looking more green than blue. But If I may say so myself, I think it still turned out pretty nice. I hope you guys enjoy the video. It was my first time doing a live "eyeshadow" tutorial.. I must say, it's harder than most of the ladies who do it makes it seem. So props to those who do it so well! haha I sure as heck had a tough time. But I hope the video's good enough for yall to get the idea. =) Anywho.. ENJOY! I gotta run..

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Hey everyone! Since I'm not feeling too well this week and home doing nothing this weekend, I decided to do a few videos for yall. It's not eyeshadow tutorials like I know most of yall would have hoped for, but these two may somewhat be helpful to yall. Like I mentioned in my previous entry, I made a video on how to conceal dry undereyes. I know I looked horrible in the video.. I had absolutely no make up on and to top it off, I'm not feeling too well. So yeah, please excuse me. haha The second video is a review that JULIE in my previous entry's comment requested me to do on MAC's Sculpting and Shaping Poweders that I purchased in my previous haul. In the beginning of the video I said I didn't think the color of the sculpting powder was right for me, but you'll see that in the end, it is. =) I really do like these powders. I used it again today and I love it. It's quite simple and it's great for everyday use. So anyway, watch the video, tell me what yall think and I really do it helps!

How to conceal dry undereyes:

MAC's Sculpting and Shaping REVIEW:

Btw, I just added that banner you see up there. I actually took picture of those sunflowers myself. It was an arrangement I helped put together for my sister and her boyfriends anniversary. Aren't they pretty? The colors are so vibrant!