Thursday, November 29, 2007

Metal X Collection

Hey everyone! So how did everyone's Thanksgiving weekend go? Mine was okay. I went out of town to Orlando to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and his family and friends. You can say my weekend was pretty exhausting. I think the only thing that was really on my mind was this exam I just took this past Monday. The whole time I was just thinking I should be studying instead of slacking off and that's probably what made my weekend so blah! =/ And to top it off, I just wasn't feeling too well the whole weekend, even up till now. =( So anyway.. to sum up a what seemed to be the longest weekend! My cousin and I headed up to Orlando on Wednesday night and got to Orlando at 3 am. Had Thanksgiving dinner with my family and friends, then I passed out. Went shopping Friday and of course got M.A.C's metal-x collection along with some clothes! Saturday I went to a Vietnamese concert and saw Cat Tien, Nhu Loan, and Don Ho. Sunday, I did nothing all day and got back into town at about 3 am again. haha Sounds exhausting huh? Why leave so late you ask? It wasn't up to me.. my cousin drove. So I ended up spending the night at my cousins and he drove me home the next morning. I studied for a little bit, got ready and left for school and took the exam. Hopefully I did well. So yeah, I was so drained from this past weekend. I basically slept when I could these past 3 days. I feel much better today. =)

So enough with my rambling... on to the fun part!

I purchased 7 of the 9 cream eyeshadows from the metal-x collection. I ended up passing on the pink and purple shades because at the store when I was testing them out on my hand, the color didn't come on too well. Maybe it was just the testers, but even the color didn't tempt me much. I've yet to use the cream eyeshadows, but hopefully they work well. I've seen Stephie use it and it looks gorgeous on her! Lately I've been pretty plain Jane when it comes to my makeup. But I'll let you all know how I like it once I decide to use it.

Here are the pictures of my Thanksgiving haul:

  • The first row are the shaping and sculpting powders for contouring & highlighting. I don't know why buy lately I've been going mad crazy buying stuff for contouring & highlighting. I guess I'm really trying to master the concept of it! I've yet to do so. =P
  • The second row of course is the new Metal-X Collection
  • And the third and fourth row are just eyeshadows

Now for the swatches of the Metal-X Collection:

If you didn't figure it out, here are the swatches of the Metal-X Collection. The bigger picture is the eyeshadow in the pot and the smaller boxed picture is the eyeshadow on my skin.

Now for some random FOTDs:

Using the Matte2 Collection: I know I look dead here.. told yall I had a long weekend right? haha

Using MI LADY from the Antiquitease Collection: I found that wetting your brush (I used my mixing medium) when applying this eyeshadows makes the color come on much more vibrant.

At the Vietnamese Concert:

The one and only Cat Tien.. I <3
I loved her dress & shoes.. I wonder where you bought it?!

It was her birthday.. so happy birthday to her!

And the beautiful Nhu Loan... who's also very sweet.

I didn't care too much for Don Ho or however you spell his name. hehe.

Oh and look, I reorganized my palettes and added in the new ones I bought! *_^

So I've been reading and getting a lot of question about how to conceal underneath the eye when it's dry.. I too suffer from dryness underneath the eye and it took me quite a while to find a solution, but happy to say, I've found one! I think it'll be much easier for me to show you than to type out how I do it so, I will be making a video on how I conceal my dry under eye! So stay tuned...

Oh and btw, make sure to check out! They aren't quite up and running yet, but be sure to check back every now and then for your urban clothing shopping pleasure!



Stephie said...

omg you met nhu loan!!!! even though i'm not viet, i still LOVE her :) great haul, damn that's a lot! i hope your thanksgiving was great :) you look amazing as always girlie :D

Anonymous said...

lol can't believe stephit know who nhu loan is :-P

Buuuut wow you met cat tien!!! is she gorgous in person? lucky Uuu

EtherealPrey said...

nice haul!!!! i'm jealous....

Julie said...

Wow! I would love to meet Cat Tien and Nhu Loan. Such gorgeous people!

I want to try the sculpting powders. Do give a review :D

Beautiful FOTDs :)

Tee-Hoa said...

Thanks girls.

Anonymous: Yes, Cat Tien is absolutely adorable! She's soo cute!

Julie: I did the review for you! I hope it helps! The video will be up shortly!

christal said...

your look with the matte2 collection looks really nice....which colours did you use btw?
I love the metal x collection too....I only have pure ore and plum electric. I plan on getting another, which would you recommend? heehee

jean said...

I love ur blog n ur make up tips are wonderful. Can u please tell me where u got that white sleeveless top?



Tee-Hoa said...

Jean: Thank you very much. You're too sweet! I actually got that top from Forever 21 probably more than 6 months ago. I've seen similar styles in the store when I went shopping yesterday but not the same.

Jean said...

Thanks for the quick reply. I actually went to forever 21 last week. But didnt see anything I like there.

Keep doing what ur doing : )