Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Simply Green Video & About me

Finals week is here! AHHhhhHhHhh.. 3 down, 1 more to go! Thursday is my last day of finals and I can't wait for it to be over! I have no school tomorrow, so here I am blogging when I SHOULD be studying for my statistics finals. That's okay. I know I'll do fine because statistics isn't that hard to me. So Friday, as some of you already know, I'm celebrating my 21st birthday at the Hot Import Nights Pre-party here in Miami! So if you're from Miami, come celebrate with me! =) Then Saturday, I'm off to Vegas until December 19th! Friday's celebration are for my local people here that can't all make it to Vegas with me! So now you know why I'm extra anxious for finals to be over, over, OVER dammit! =)

Again, I want to thank everyone whose been reading and leaving me those lovely comments. Thank you for all the 'pick me up' comments and support. So I decided that I'd share with you all what I was or am still going through. At first I wasn't so sure I wanted to share this with the whole world wide web, but I think it's okay. It's apart of me and who I am. And maybe by me sharing with yall, it will help someone out there in some sort of way. Maybe it'll make you vaule life that much more. Long story short, I was born with a disease called E-Thalassemia. Because of it, I must get blood transfusions once a month. And because of the blood transfusions, my body accumulates a lot of iron that my body cannot dispose of own its own. Therefore, if not removed, will stick to my organs and eventually stop them from working. Before the oral medication called Exjade came out, I use to have to do chelations every night to get rid of the iron. This is where I'd stick myself with a needle at night while the medication is distributed to me with a pump overnight until morning. But now they have Exjade and I no longer have to stick myself. Which is great! But the Exjade makes me nauseous and that's why I don't like to take it. I know I sound very ignorant and foolish (which I was) but I didn't think much of not taking Exjade. I figured so long as I get my blood transfusions and take the Exjade every now and then, I'm okay. But of course not. And lately, I've been feeling the affects of not taking my medication. And this led me to do a little research about E-Thalassemia and iron overload.. which led me to discover something that hit me really, really hard last week. Most people with E-Thalassemia only make it to their 4th or 5th decade in life. =( I know 40 or 50 years old seems old, but if you think about it, not really. My mother and father is older than that. So I didn't know how to take it. It felts like someone just told me I was dying tomorrow. I know that sounds a little much, but you don't know how it feels until it's you. So I told my sister and I know she was sad because obviously she didn't know either. But she asked my parents and of course they knew, but kept it from me. I'm not mad at them, I can understand why they hid it from me. So since my mom knows I know, she told me I should just drop out of school and live life. I got a little upset that she suggested that because I want to accomplish a lot of things in life and school happens to one of them. Anyway, to make this long post short, I was really sad and cried for about two straight days. Which helped because now I can talk about it without shedding a single tear. =) It's still sad to me, life's unfair, but I'm just making the best of it. 40 or 50 is really old right? =P There's still a lot of thing I can do with all the time I have left. Like this BLOG and you ladies for example! hehe Oh, I'm officially making my 21st birthday the most important birthday of all time because it marks the half point of my life. LoL. December 18th, mark your calandars ladies. hehe jk

Okay, so onto the video. I finally got around to editing and uploading the video for yall. I hope you like it. I think this look is very, very simple to do. It really defines the eye and help people like me who have small eyes appear larger.

**the video is still processing, so give it a while before it starts working

If I don't update again before Vegas, I'll talk to yall when I get back! xoxo


Jean said...

Happy early b-day!!

Great tutorial. It made my day. I am def going to try that look this weekend.

I actually have Thalassemia but it's the minor one. I am glad that you have such a positive outlook on life. I hope all goes well for you and good luck on your last final.

Kristen said...

wow, i really can't relate with what your going through right now. but im relieved that you've thought it through and made the decision to live life to the fullest. positivity trumps negativity =)
suddenly... my issues seem so insignificant. I don't know you personally but intuition tells me that you are brave and strong. Don't think about the limit 40-50 years... Theres always life after death, just like how there is always light at the end of the tunnel... no matter what religion you believe in =)

That was a long comment. haha. I'm Kristen btw... linked to your page from Stephie! First video tutorial i watched was the concealer for dry skin...it soo helpful! Keep them coming! Good luck on your last final.

Mandy said...

Hey, I'm Mandy...linked to your page from Stephie. You seem (I only say that because I don't personally know you, I actually mean I'm very sure) like a sweet, genuine person. I admire your positivity and it makes me seem like I'm stupid for worrying over such trivial things. Who knows, maybe instead of looking towards 40-50, it'll be 70-80! I wish you all the best.

I added you to my links BTW, if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just want to say happy early bday just in case I forgot which I doubt because I check your blog very often, so Happy Early Birthday to you! I'll try to say happy bday on your actual bday later. Anyways, I will have my statistic final tomorrow and it will be my last one too so I really need to study! Just want to good you luck and hope you will have a blast on your bday!(I'm sure it will) and maybe I'll see you in Vegas because I will be heading there also, cheers!!

mei said...

happy early bday, girl!

wow, i'm speechless... i think you're such a strong person and that you're handling your life so well. remember, you've already touched so many people's lives, and i cant imagine how big of an impact you're gonna continue making to this world.

:) love your green video, btw!

Stephie said...

i did not know about e-thalassemia at all, or that you have it. 40-50 is pretty old, so you still have plenty of time to live your life. it's amazing how you're optimistic and i admire you for that! so i'm going to enjoy all the time we spend on AIM together :) and rock out during your 21st love! you deserve to have each moment drawn out as much as possible so milk it for all it's worth :D

anyways, learning this about you, chi, makes me like you even more. you're someone i really do look up to, in life and in beauty related stuff :) keep up your amazing work. you inspire me and a whole bunch of people out here :) <3 ya!

Anne said...

you're attitude is really admirable. you're a very brave young lady who obviously knows that nothing will stop in your way in achieving and living life to the fullest. i hope that one day they will find a treatment or a cure for e-thalassemia. keep being a strong and positive person. don't let it get you down! keep taking care of yourself too!

thank you for that very detailed tut especially for showing where the magic happens and what camera you use. the quality of your camera is really nice for a digital camera. anyways, i really like the look on you and it's very easy to do! thanks for sharing again. looking forward on more tutorials!

and, i hope you have celebrating your birthday. I think 21st birthday is the most important birthday of your life. so party it up. make sure you remember most of the night though ;)! happy early birthday!!!

btw, i've been reading your blog for sometime now. but it's just now that i'm leaving you a comment. i hope you don't mind that i link you in my page :)

Linda said...

thank you for sharing your story with us. you are going to become one strong person out of this. i'm not even going through half the battle you are and you already have so many goals and accomplishments.. goodluck with everything~

cindy said...

I am actually a carrier and it turns out my mother-in-law is a carrier also and my doctor basically told us we need to do genetic testing when we're in the baby planning stage. I never really thought much about the effects until I read your entry.

I really really admire your strength, tenacity, and strong character. Your positive attitude is infectious. I don't know you personally but from what I gather you're not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well =) I am rooting for you and you will be in my prayers.

Have an awesome bday in Vegas. There really is no other way to celebrate your 21st then to go to Vegas!!!

Sajana said...

Happy Early Birthday!

Well first of all, your turning 21. that is hell of a long way from 40 or 50. Another thing I would like to say is that not everyone with e-thalassemia dies that young. You'd be happy to hear that my aunt is 65 and also has e-thalassemia. I'm so happy that your being open minded about this. The best things happen to the best people and I'm sure you'll live till your 180 :). But until then, life is life and enjoy it, accomplish what you want, wear as much makeup as your heart desire and remember, you have left and will leave a mark in the beauty blogging world! Enjoy your life, your young! :D

Anonymous said...

hey, I found your website via stephie's website. I really admire that you're such a strong person and is very accepting, I wish you the best in life! it's inspiring to see such positivity. Oh and your tutorials are great =D keep up the good works!

Tee-Hoa said...

Thank you x1000000000 to all your love and support ladies. =)

Jean: I'm glad to hear that you have the minor one (although I wished you didn't have it at all). I hope you maintain your health and keep it on check. I hear that patients with minor thalassemia can develop problems later in life.

Kristin: Thank you very much for the inspirational words. I do believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and life after death. My friend and I made a joke that maybe I was a mosquitoe in my pass life.. so now I'm paying for it. LoL. Bad joke I know. But it's funny. haha

Mandy: Thank you. You're very sweet. I hope you don't worry too much. It only gives you grey hair! =) And no, I don't mind at all. I will link you as well!

Anonymous: Thank you! Hope you did well on your finals! I take my statistics one tomorrow! I finally got my studying done. I hope I do well! Thank you for the birthday wish! If you run into me, be sure to say hello! I hope you have a great time as well!

Mei: Thank you for the birthday wish and comment

Stephie: Thank you thank you thank you! You are the sweetest. I love you too!

Anne: Thank you Anne. I really do try to let nothing stop me. I won't lie, there are times when I just want to give up, but luckily I don't and I sure as heck WON'T! They actually do have a cure, which is the bone marrow transplant. But it's very risky and very complicated. I decided not to go through with it because I'd rather live with what I have than to take a big risk and become worst if my body rejects the transplant. I do hope they find a cure that's less risky and more effective! *praying* =) Thank you for the birthday wish. And you're very welcome for the tutorial. It's no problem at all. I enjoy doing it. Also, I don't mind at all that you link me, as I will do the same.

Linda: Thank you. I hope you are able to work out whatever it is that you are battling, small or big. Just know that in the end, everything will be okay.

Cindy: Thank you so much. I'm sorry to hear that you are a carrier. From what I know, if you are a carrier, your child has a 1/4chance of carrying the trait as well.. minor or major. I hope you do look into it and when you do have a child, that he/she will be a happy healthy baby!

Sajana: Thank you! I am happy to hear that your aunt is 65 and still living with Thalassemia! I was wondering though, does she have E-Thalassemia, minor, major, etc? Because there are a lot of different kinds of thalassemia. And I just so happen to have the major one.

Anonymous: Thank you for your kind words and for reading and watching. I'm always happy to help. =)

aanjz said...

Hello gorgeous girl!

I'm a regular ABB and landed on your site after watching one of your amazing Youtube videos.

First of all - You are so freakin' gorgeous and I wish I could fly you over to Australia so you could do my makeup for me every morning because you have kick arse skills - especially in the eye makeup department! Don't ever stop with the FOTD's!

Secondly, my sincerest condolences about your condition. I could try and imagine myself in your shoes but I could never compare. But I think you are very blessed for having such a positive outlook on life! You say that most people with your condition only make it to their 4th or 5th decade in life. The magical key here is "most". Aim at being the minority - that you will live a long, happy, healthy, and prosperous life. The mind is a powerful tool, and although having a positive outlook may not completely cure your disease, I do believe that it can greatly affect it, and consequentially, the quality of your life in a positive way.

Although I do not know you personally, the way you blog and what you type does give us a little glimpse of how you are as a person. I think you are an awesome person and that you'll have enough good karma to keep you well =) Your aim is to live to 100, okay!!

EtherealPrey said...

Happy Early Birthday! You're strong and brave for coming out like that, but you're still young and you still have lots to look forward to. Besides with technology and science you never know what may happen.
Keep up the great work, love the tutorials and keep the faith...and party hard!

Tee-Hoa said...

aanjz: Thank you so much for that well written lengthy entry. I wish I could fly over to Australia too! haha Thank you for support. xoxo

EtherealPrey: Thank you.. I will definitely keep the hope and faith alive!

Sajana said...

Hey Tee,

So I asked my aunty more about it and she has major. She told me to tell you to visit your doctor regularly, get check ups and take your medication regularly. Not taking your meds properly will not do good for your system, so she says. But what she wanted me to emphasize to you is that no matter how short or long life is, it still is life. Never have a bad day that you'll look back at and be like, why did I waste my day so sad? Have fun!

And this is from me to you- Life is beautiful, but the person living it is much more beautiful. Never regret a day and live your life as if it was in your own hands, cuz' it is! =]

Tee-Hoa said...

sajana: OMG! Thank you! I can't thank you enough. I've never met ANYONE with E-Thalassemia that's my age or older. Although I go to the hospital twice a month, I go to an oncologist/hemetologist.. most of their patients are anemic/cancer patients. And it's pediatric. I've always wanted to meet someone with it that's my age or older just so I could relate. But it's nice to know about your aunt. And thank you for those enlightening words. You are truely wonderful and I appreciate all that you've said. I appreciate all that EVERYONE's said! I can't thank yall enough. I'm glad I put this out there. =)

Tee-Hoa said...

Sajana: I forgot.. but please tell your aunt I said thank you very much! And that I wish her well with everything.. health, family, life.. ALL! xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Just hang in there i hope your doing well! Everyone have a life span doesnt matter whether its 40 or 90, as long as you live your life to the fullest and doing things with no regret, we only live once!All the best!

kimlicious said...

i love your tutorial! :) i hope you have fun in vegas. take care!

just wanted to let you know, miracles can happen, hopefully it will be way past 40s-50s. my mom has thyroid and lung cancer, and the doctor said she would die in 5 years, but its been 15 years now, and she is still surrounded by people who love her.

i am sure you have many people that love you, and i hope that love will make miracles happen. :)
-kim vuu

Vanessa said...

I love you Tee! You are indeed a brave and courageous lady, thank you for sharing your story with us, and keep living life to the fullest! You are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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Julie (http://www.le-classique.blogdrive.com) said...

Hey, Tee-Hoa.

I hope your finals were okay :D

Happy birthday for Friday!! Well, it's December 18th in Australia today so I'm on time :P But it's still the night of the 17th over in the US! I wish I was in Miami!

Thank you for sharing your story. What matters the most is you being happy and spending time doing whatever it is that you love. Your positive attitude is admirable and I hope you will live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment :)

I love the tutorial! Thanks for taking time out to do it and your room is nice :P

angela said...

happy birthday!!

like everyone else said, your attitude is really admirable. i cannot imagine going through what you have for 21 years. you are a very strong person. thank you for sharing with your blog readers. don't be afraid to reach out. there are people who care--even strangers on the web.

with technological advances, a lot can change in 20 years (or even 5 years), so i wouldn't take those estimates too seriously. also, it's not about the length of your life, but the quality of it. as long as you make the most of the time you have, you will live a very happy and fulfilled life.

i wish you the very best!!

Anne said...

i just remembered it was your bday 2 days ago! happy birthday. hope you're having a blast in vegas... but come back soon so we can watch more of your tuts :)

d0rksta said...

wow your makeup is very pretty (:

Julie said...

Just dropping by to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Have a wonderful day :)

Julie xx

feli said...

thank you for sharing your story with us. it must have been hard. its amazing how optimistic you are and i admire that a lot. i also <3 the tutorials you do. this is my first time posting but i've been reading your blog for a while now and i absolutely love it.

feli said...

oh and happy holidays! happy birthday! and i hope your trip to vegas has a lot of fun stories to tell...

Jenny said...

hi thoa! i lovee your makeup tutorials :D BTW, i was wondering if you could send me a list of your songs from your tutorials to my email :) my BF LOVESSS your songs! hehehe. my email is jennylo710@gmail.com. THANK YOU SUPER MUCH. keep up the good work!

Jean said...

Hey tee!!! How are you?

I hope everything is ok. I really miss your tutorials and I notice that you been M.I.A. for a while Not to sound like a stalker or anything, im just a fan of ur make up blog. I just hope everything is ok with you.

Best wishes


the Muse said...


We don't know each other but I wanted to drop a line after reading your blog entry.

I think you show amazing strength to be going through what you are! It can't be easy and I imagine you feel (felt) like it was the end of the world but please don't let stats rule your life! Live your life to the fullest and don't worry about anything else but that ;)

You never know what will happen tomorrow never mind 20-30 years down the road!

Whatever you do I wish you much success!

Loved your video tutorial and your blog!

Tia said...

Hi Tee, I'm Tia. I am a 1st-time reader to your blog. I had click onto your page from Vanessa's and I've added you to my fav. (Hope you don't mind). I'm just one of the million blog-readers who love to learn about makeup and I admired all beauty-bloggers for taking time to do helpful tips, reviews, tutorials etc... on beauty products! So Thank you, for doing what you do and updating this wonderfully, helpful blog!

I am sorry to hear what you're going through. You are one brave & strong girl for not letting the illness stop you from enjoying life. Good luck with everything! I love your "Simply Green" tut, so pretty!

BTW, try some Optive Lubricant Eye-drops for the tearing. When your eyes gets watery throughout the day, it could be cause by dry eyes. Usine Optive daily, as often as you like will help =)
I work for Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, and I hear this from them a lot! Take cares!

Stephie said...

hi chi! how are you? i really miss your posts... i hope everything is ok. <3 you!

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Phyu Phyu said...

Just watched your youtube channel and subscribed..

awww girl, You are such a strong young lady. Please don't think about the limit 40 or 50 or whatever. If you can do good things in your life and make positive change for other people, it's 1000X times worth than people who live longer and do bad things in their lives. I don't know you personally but while reading this entry, my eyes got teary and want to help you and make you feel happy even with a word of mine or a pray for you.

yes yes you do make us young ladies beautiful and inspired with your makeup skill. <3

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Anonymous said...

missin u. r.i.p ull always be alive in my heart babe.